Dr. Doom-Champ Review

XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
Champion: Dr. Doom
Class: Mystic

Overall Stats: Health: Pretty Good
Damage: Good
For more info, see https://auntm.ai/champions/ for more info when the page is updated

Artwork: He looks Fantastic (pun inteded) and looks very accurate to the comics. The mask is very nice and his electricity is awesome as well.

Animations: Very smooth and strong feeling attacks. Each attack feels great to launch and watch.

Favorite Special: Sp3. He takes you to Dooms Castle (AH! WHY ISNT THIS A BACKGROUND!) and goes to town on you! Its so awesome.

Abilities and Powers: Triple Immunity is great
Basic Attacks: Shock doesnt do much damage but it is essential for heavy attack stun
Nulify is great, and gaurenteed crit with synergy is great too.
Aura of Haazareth: Unblockable attacks are good
Power steal is awesome and they dont gain power from light attacks
Nice Safegaurd when attacked with specials.
Sp1 Good/Great power gain and Nulifys
Sp2 Great damage
Sp3 Stun and Fury are great for getting off more damage.
Sig Ability: Power gain is allright. Shock is pretty nice.

Synergies: He mostly has solo ones, which isnt nessissarily good.
I answer to no one: 40% attack increase, but if Doom dies, then you got to revive.
Fantastic Rage: Fantastic!
Forcefield: Ok
Sorcery Reversal: Pretty good. Can reduce damage dealt by DOT.
Cosmic Overload: N/A because SIlver Surfer isnt in the game

Boss Fight: Boss fight was pretty easy. Only trouble I had was evading the sp2 succesfully, but it will take practiice.

Performance: He has incredible power control and can launch so many specials at a time. He has some great utility and the incinerates do great damage. Unblockable attacks and furys can help alot. Overall a great character.

Strengths: Symbiote Supreme, Hyperion,(power control)
Weaknesses: Fantastic Four/Science, Relies on Synergies alot, etc

Rating: Attack: 8/10 (Domino 10/10 Groot 0/10)
Defense: 6/10 (Thing 10/10 Black Bolt0/10)
Overall: 9/10

What do you like about ? Dislike? Let me know in the comments.
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  • XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★

    How is Domino a 10/10 champion?

    That's just for offense and a guide to see where The champion in the review places
    and she is really good
  • Ingi_Freyr1975Ingi_Freyr1975 Posts: 170
    Nice review but I don’t understand how attack 8/10 and defence 6/10 gives overall 9/10 but not 7/10 🤔
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