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Looking for alliance (3.9K prestige)

I'm looking for an alliance
Name: zizi1002
Prestige: 3.9k

P.S. looking for an alliance I can hold my own weight in.
I might not be able to join instantly tho


  • Created new alliance you can join
    Alliance tag is 4MAD
  • Reign668Reign668 Posts: 26
    Do you have line or clan hq for chat?
  • AeternusEternus. Come check us out. We need a few strong members. Im the leader. Bleeds:Green
  • spino0ospino0o Posts: 33
    You're welcome to check us out. Not sure what you're looking for in terms of AQ and AW, but we run maps 4.3.2 to provide something for everyone. As members are growing, we're looking to start running maps 4.3.3, then 4.4.3, etc. The long-term goal is to get AQ into all map 5, but we know this will take a while. We run 2 BG's for AW as the focus has been more on AQ (better rewards), but we're serious about winning. Currently, we're silver 1/2, but we really want to get back to gold. Right now, we're a full alliance, but we're looking to replace a few members who are not as active as we want (we expect everyone to stay on top of alliance energy and to contribute as best they can to alliance events). We also require LINE. Having a group chat is essential to strategizing, sharing information, and just building a fun, healthy community.

    If interested, please contact me via LINE or In-Game: spino0o (s-p-i-n-o-zero-o)
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