5* She-Hulk or Human Torch?

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A friend pulled a 5* Human Torch for me today. I already have a She Hulk at R1 5*. I want to know what I should be working on. I have a 2-3 5* Science Rank Up Gem. I have a poison immune in 4/55 Cap Marvel Movie. My highest Incinerate Immune champ is a 4/40 4* duped Void. I am looking for someone I can use in generally everything.

EDIT: If people could explain their choices as well, wiuld be very happy.

5* She-Hulk or Human Torch? 18 votes

Work on She Hulk
TatteredSailJakearoundGrootman1294FhfjghhggggjfhfjgYcatsnatewagz419 6 votes
Work on Human Torch
Spity68JadedAlex13369TheSquish671DonDudu2809HedronSkillful_starJoeyPhyStrongestAvenger 9 votes
Wait for HT's buff then make a poll
MityAntScholiaPseudouber 3 votes
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