Going into act6

So i have just 100% act 5. Im sitting on resorces to take 2 more 5 star champ to rank 4 or one to rank 5. Going for cavailer title who can you advice me to rank up? Or should I just wait for some other champ to come into my roaster before I go for the Cavalier title?

I'm having these champs at rank 4 right now. Blade (no 5 star trinity), Hyperion, Rhulk, Corvus, Dr Voodoo, Hood, Sentinel. All duped/awakened
Have 6* Havok aswell as Aegon but not awakened
And I have these 5 stars at rank 3 that I might think is good for act 6?
Void, Killmonger, Magik, CapIW, Thing(no balls to the wall team for him)
None of the ones at rank 3 are awakend but I'm sitting on a mystic and generic gem and around 100 sig stones for both mystic and science.

And sorry for any grammatical errors..


  • HendrossHendross Posts: 764 ★★★
    I think 1 r5 is better than 2 r4, the obvious (to me) choices. Blade, Hypes, Corvus... you can't really go wrong, pick who's awakened or you prefer. Also consider the long-term play of bringing Cap IW up.
  • AngryYoshiAngryYoshi Posts: 136
    I say r4 from champs. Deeper roster might help you counter any lane you might struggle with in act 6 or any variants.
    For r4 options I would say void(heal nodes/champs) or capiw (block damage and utility) Both benefit vastly from awakening and a higher sig level.
  • SvensktigerSvensktiger Posts: 75
    Thanks for the inputs!
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