Who should be my first r5 or 6*r2

rdxevilrdxevil Posts: 231 ★★
After a long long time i have 2 t5b catalyst.. So wanted to take one of the champion to r5..
None of the champs are duped..
Corvus.. My favorite.. Just not good for long fight
Void.. It's not duped so should I wait for him to be duped and take him r5
Starky : another great champ help me clearing aq.. But don't have 5*blade gr
Magik : only power control champ I have but she is not duped so limbo doesn't help me much

And apart from above 5*.. I have 6* domino.. But i dont have any of 5* rhulk and massacre

Who should be my first r5 or 6*r2 15 votes

Corvus glaive
FlareDogeLvernon15ChampioncriticAmazing_Demon05EinfachSoErocksKeniutek 7 votes
Spiderman stark enhanced
Kenny292Lt_Magnum_1 2 votes
R2 6* domino
KihlgastMixalisFhfjghhggggjfhfjgEtjamaSynq_SpawnzyyMasterwayne 6 votes


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    ErocksErocks Posts: 294 ★★
    Corvus glaive
    Corvus, Corvus, Corvus. High damage, insane SP2 (although there are better), synergies not required.
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    Lt_Magnum_1Lt_Magnum_1 Posts: 639 ★★
    Spiderman stark enhanced
    Sparky. His ability to auto evade is amazing. Hits extremely hard and has taunt.
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