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R5 - Ghost Rider (Trinity) or Symbiote Supreme?

For all you Symbiote Supreme players. Thanks to the compensation, I duped my SS. I also have a R4->R5 mystic gem.

I can R5:
Ghost Rider
Symbiote Supreme
The Maw (haha)

I hesitate because I use GR everyday in war with R5 Blade and R5 Hyperion. SS is awesome but seems situational.



  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 11,596 ★★★★★
    As somebody with both at r5 the decision is ss all the way, I wish I could rank down my gr and never use him for any challenging content, ss on the other hand I use a fair bit, he’s niche but those niche uses are so valuable in act 6, and he’s solid for a lot of other stuff
  • GamerGamer Posts: 10,120 ★★★★★
    I’m use gr a lot but I’m wil said Sym definitely take the spot over
  • DeadmaddyDeadmaddy Posts: 123
    Definitely GR. I have SS at 5/65 and he's great but you already carry GR so take him up first
  • I really don't understand the hate for GR. He was one of my first R5s, along with NF, Sparky, and a R2 Corvus, and I play him all the time. Sparky and my 4/55 blade ride the bench all day erry day, but GR is my main AW attacker (w/Corvus and Proxima) and quester, and can just handle SOO much content. I do run suicides though, so his damage isn't as low as it is for some people.
  • Shroud1969Shroud1969 Posts: 76
    Thanks folks - I'll rank SS to R4 and get a bit more used to him.
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