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Improving Honor Rewards (for a niche group of alliances)

So Honor Rewards look really cool. I'm not as sure whether I'm as comfortable with them giving normal Points, but hey I'll take it.

The biggest problem I've got is that my alliance very rarely actually defeats a boss. Lately we've been getting into the third section of the map pretty consistently, but we just don't have enough people showing up to do a final push through the last section. And this means we get little to no Honor rewards despite how well we can deal with the modifiers up. We just don't get that greyscale boi down that often, and that means we get NOTHING...
Here's my request. Have the honor and point rewards be divided up into sections, relating to each 'section' of the map ('sections' of the map are divided up by the miniboss encounters). Upon defeating each miniboss, a portion of the honor and point rewards from Modifiers is paid out. I could see this being divided out in a ratio of either a simple 25:25:50 or a 20:20:60 ratio. Or maybe even something akin to a 20:30:50 ratio cause the second miniboss is TECHNICALLY harder than the first...

What do you guys think? Should this be a feature that is added? Any improvements you could see being made to this idea?
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