Wasp Heavy Attack Error in story quests.

I have been having trouble with wasp's heavy attack in act 5.2.4 against the Iron Patriot. I started my fight and did a dash, light light, and heavy combo. The heavy combo failed to activate the passive stun, and I was hit. I tried it again in the same fight, and it also failed. It was a 4* max unawakened Wasp. I had normal champion, health, and attack boosts on. My device is an iphone SE, with the current version of the game. I use Verizon and was playing on WIFI. I was not able to get a video or a screenshot because i eventually lost and I dont want to waste resources for it. .

All i did was a simple: dash, light, light combo and it worked against other champions in the same quest.

is there some sort of secret ability for wasp, or am i just dumb?
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