Mr. Fantastic-Champ Review

XxLoganTDCxXXxLoganTDCxX Posts: 2,561 ★★★★
Champion: Mr. Fantastic
Class: Science

Overall Stats: Health: Good
Damage: Good, and can increase with Fury

Artwork: His costume is bright and is very accurate to the comics
His beard is definetly nice. I dont think I would like him without one.
HERBIE! I am very glad they put him in! He is pretty cool, even if my brother disagrees.

Animations: His animations are wacky, but cool nontheless.
Streching is hard, but Kabam did a very nice job. All of his attacks look pretty good. Better than Khamala Khan for sure.

Favorite Special: Sp3
The portals look SO good, and the attack is overall really unique.
Also, HERBIE is in it, so thats nice.

Abilities and Powers: Pre-fight ability is awesome. It can really make him and other champions really good, especially Void.
Careful Study is easy to get and is pretty good.
Heavy attack pauses Debuffs, which is pretty easy to get
Unblockable if there are no Pre-Fights, so thats nice, but he heavily relies on debuffs for damage.
Sp2-Refreshes all Pre-Fight Debuffs, which is nice
Sp3 Fury is great
Sig-Power Rate is pretty good and his evade chance goes up more on Unblockable attacks.

Synergies:HERBIE-Nice heal/power gain
Fantastic Four-Fantastic!
Do us part-Simple, but pretty good
Coucil of Reeds-Really good if you have 5 Mr.Fantastics (120% attack increase)
College Rivals-Ok for Fantastic but pretty good for Doom

Boss Fight: Fight was pretty straight foward, but his evade chance is pretty high due to debuffs.
Just be careful and dont end combos with a 5th hit.
Specials are easy to evade.

Performance: Fights are not the fastest, but not slow either.
Good damage after sp3 and has an awesome Curb Stomp Combo in the corner with his heavy!

Strengths: Cross/Pre-Fight Ability is really good, and can help out other champs significantly.
Weaknesses: Relies on Debuffs for Damage, No immunities

Rating: Attack: 7/10 (Domino 10/10 Groot 0/10)
Defense: 7/10 (Thing 10/10 Black Bolt 0/10)
Overall: 7/10

What do you like about ? Dislike? Let me know in the comments.
Thanks for reading and commenting. Your opinions are read and respected.


  • jonzerjonzer Posts: 161
    I agree with you. his animations are awesome!
  • AquarDragon65AquarDragon65 Posts: 189
    Great review! I was lucky enough to get a duped 5star when the Sale ran! Got him to R3 and placed in Defence! Diversity being the reason!
    But I'm torn as to whether to make him my 5th R4... (along with RaggyThor lvl27, Corvus, Angela and Emma... all unduped)
    maybe you can help!
    My options are:
    Mr. Fantastic lvl 20
    Omega Red unduped
    Red Hulk duped lvl 25
    MODOK Unduped (but Synergy w' Angela!)
    Old Man Logan unduped
    Sabretooth unduped
    Starkey unduped
    Goblin unduped
    BP-CW lvl 56
    Mephisto unduped
    Morningstar unduped
    Hela unduped
    Heimdall unduped
    Mordo unduped
    Proxima unduped
    Agent Venom unduped
    Hulk unduped
    Ultron unduped
    AntMan unduped

    I have a bunch of R2 5*'s, Psylocke, Nightcrawler, Sentinel, SpiderGwen, reg Captain America lvl23, Rocket lvl 29, and a few others!

    Conundrum is I really find MODOK incredibly useful with Angela... that 6% Power Gain just rocks!
    But Omega Red is Beyond Gawd-Tier!
    And Mr. Fantastic duped is a fairly decent Defender!
    Ugh! Help! Please.
  • KalantakKalantak Posts: 1,276 ★★★★
    @AquarDragon65 omega red ,starky should b ur Next R4. They r worth R5,so take only r4s u can take to R5 in future.mine was redhulk he still pits in work as R4 but never needed him at R5.but he is worth r5 as well. As for mr.fantastic he seems quirky to play but his synergies are amazing if u have science + tech champs at R4
  • te_dua_shumte_dua_shum Posts: 1,001 ★★★★
    i would also add that his synergies are really good, and for me he could also be considered like a void:

    his F4 synergy gives him the ability to inflict 4% of his atk per second per unique debuff on the opponent;
    his synergy with IW gives him +25% debuff duration;
    the IW synergy gives him the ability to place a weakness debuff on a parry;
    the HT synergy gives him the ability to place an incinerate and a heal block debuff with sp1.

    add to this the stagger and the taunt debuff from sp1, his pre-fight and cross-fight debuffs, and you could be able to do more than 40% of your current atk per second, not bad to me. even better if you can activate his tech/science synergy ^_^ also, the damage scales up with your atk, and mr.f. can duplicate (or even triple) his atk!

    but this is all theory, because unfortunately i only have 3* Mr.F, so i can't test him... if someone else have already tried the full F4 team and want to share their opinion i would gladly read it ^_^
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