2 Players (9.2k & 10.1k prestige) looking to run Map 5 in Top 800 AQ

2 Players looking for a new home:

Player #1: 10.1k prestige/EST
Player #2: 9.2k prestige/CST

Looking for:

AQ: Map 5 / Top 800 (Modifiers are fine—an ally with mixed 5/6 is also fine—so long as we can run in a Map 5 group)

AW: Gold 1 or Gold 2 / Runs all 3 BG in season & off-season / Tier 6-7 / 100%s all in-season wars (we can handle tier 5, but we are purposely looking for tiers 6-7 because we prefer this tier)

Events: No completion, item use, SA, etc. minimums. We contribute plenty.. but do not see the point in spending to earn 75 5* shards...

We are looking for an organized home where people play responsibly, bring their best champs, put forth their best effort. We are no-nonsense, get the job done, and expect others to do the same. Clean and direct LINE chats also preferred.

Please only contact if you meet all of the above.

Find me on LINE: sillycaitlin
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