HELP! Class Iso expiring... How to use it?

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I have a ton of tech iso expiring in the next couple of days, most of it tier 5 from a 4* dupe, but I really don't have any tech Champs I want to level up. I do have one or two I would like to, but I am hopelessly far away from the t4cc I need to do so (only 5500 shards). So, my options are:

1) use them on a couple of tech 4* 3/30 champs, but of course that would also cost me other resources I've been holding for other purposes. The only reason these guys are even at 3/30 is cause I had other tech iso I had to use a while back.
2) spread them around a bunch of 2* and 3* tech Champs I have not even bothered to bring up from 1/1.
3) use them on Champs of other classes I actually would like to level & rank up.

I am leaning pretty strongly toward option 3, but would like to hear if there are any compelling reasons not to do so (besides the bonus), or other options that I have not considered.

The last bit of potentially relevant info is I am sitting on enough 5* shards for a crystal, but for various reasons, I am hoping not to open that crystal yet. Plus, my only two 5* Champs so far are tech already so I might jump out the window if I get another, lol (unless I dupe my SL).


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    i dont know how much gold you have but if you have iso expiring and dont want to rank anyone up your best to just sell off the iso for gold. its either sell it, use it or watch it go byebye :(

    your option 3 is a good 1, personally i dont use iso most of the time according to class, i use which ever iso is expiring first, so dont get 2 caught up on using your class iso with the correct class

    as for your 5* shards, hold on to them . 1. you may want to see what happens when the dust settles with the 6* announcement and 2. they arent adding any good champs untill the november/december time frame. I wish i hadnt opened mine recently but i had a severe itch 2.
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    Rank someone up or sell it. Issue solved.
  • I_am_GrootI_am_Groot Posts: 646 ★★
    The 3 is the good one but it's a Hell if you're OCD/OCPD.
    I think I will do the 1 one in the near future.
    The 2 is no, never, never, never, no. However I had done it with some 3*s I liked months ago.
    But it's a No especially now 2* and 3* will be less than nothing.
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