AQ honor points definitely feel broken...

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So I’ve seen another thread on the fact that BG3 honor points are not displaying correctly and it was put down to a visual bug. This is still happening:

Our total honor score feels very low at the moment. We have completed the following in AQ so far:

- BG1: 554, unique master modifier every day
- BG2: 444, unique master modifier every day
- BG3: 454, unique master modifier every day

We have not even hit the 9k milestone yet (we are on milestone 5):

This feels very low and I am concerned that BG3s low honor score is affecting our total points. Please can you look in to whether this is actually a bug?



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    @arowsell94 check the History tab between Day 4 and 5 (can only see the History while AQ isn't active as of right now). The error seems to correct itself and display correctly there. By Day 5 it appears to be correct. Or at least it did last cycle. There's a fix for this coming in the next update, but as far as I can see, it's strictly a visual error.
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    Hey there, as was mentioned, this is a display issue only and the points are added up correctly by the time rewards need to be calculated and sent out. We have a fix coming in the next update, which you can find more information on here.
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