Warlock worth a tech AG? Ta

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Pulled warlock recently and have all plans to take him to 5/65 ASAP. I’m Also sitting on a tech AG and given I’m already convinced on taking him right up I’m thinking why wouldn’t I dump it into my weird looking buddy.
Question I have is is he worth it to awaken? Not sure how much his ability actually helps him but I already have stark spidey, ghost, mysterio, starlord and doc ock all duped and ready to go so looking at tier lists really only Darkhawk and sentinel left to pull then dupe.

Warlock worth a tech AG? Ta 16 votes

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Yes Only because of tech class options left.
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    Yes Only because of tech class options left.
    I m in a similar situation with you. Got my warlock at r4 and is probably going to r5 after cyber monday (unless something crazy happens). I have a tech ag and got darkhawk and sentinel awakened already. I m inclined to say that i ll give him the ag as soon as i r5 him. Sounds really useful for war mostly because everyone uses willpower there. Since you have ghost awakened already i think it's even easier for you to pull the trigger. Really interested to see what other people think though.
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