Médusa - Armor Shattered

I was able to see 2 Bugs with the Armor Shattered of Medusa :

Ultrons : Always in function of avoiding

Sentinel : Still in function to wins his Analysis Charges


  • Goodness said:

    More info

    OP is just saying, Medusa is not able to shut off abilities even after armour shattered.
  • Lvernon15Lvernon15 Posts: 10,707 ★★★★★
    2 things I’ve found you can recreate easily is 2 armour shatters still give 1 armour break, seen a post on this already but not sure if there was a response, but 2nd if you refresh the armour shatter with the s3 the armour break refreshes with the 26 second duration rather than 35, I haven’t seen the bugs being talked about here though, what nodes were on the fights? Enhanced abilities might alter this
  • NopedroooNopedrooo Posts: 116
    And champions still getting armor up when they have their armor shattered
  • AlexAvalonAlexAvalon Posts: 626 ★★★
    No damage from second shatter, bc with 2 shatters u still only get 1 armorbreak and now the damage is tied to the break instead of the shatter so only reduces their armor once instead of twice, they need to add an additional armorbreak for the 2nd shatter and fix the duration of the sp3 shatter
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