**Mastery Loadouts**
Due to issues related to the release of Mastery Loadouts, the "free swap" period will be extended.
The new end date will be May 1st.

Doom's Team [DRVIC] is recruiting! A new alliance with a different philosophy. Please read!

Here at Doom's Team, we understand that different players have different rosters, different strengths, different priorities. What we're trying to accomplish is to have a place for all types while everybody is contributing in some way. We try for best rewards in all areas while avoiding the stress you find in more competitive alliances.

AQ: goal is to get 3 BGs 100% 33333 ASAP, then work on getting to Map 5. Once we're 55555 we'll figure our next move depending on the talent at hand but will probably still have 1 BG running Map 3. More on this below.

AW: optional for each player. Ideally I'd like to have 2 BGs running steady but we'll see how it goes. Everybody can get the minimum # fights in beginning each season to guarantee rewards.

Alliance Events: here's where things get interesting. We want to hit all the milestones in these events. If you're not cutting it in AQ Map 5, or AW, or need your champs elsewhere, or whatever, we expect you to excel in these events with a minimum of 5% of the last milestone. All others, a minimum of 2.5% (these figures are just estimates & may take some jiggling once we're up and running). You're still expected to participate in Map 3, hopefully to 100%. Exceptions: Item Use & Loyalty Spend (everybody do your best or sponge; no minimums) & SA (no sponging, some minimum will be set, but we don't expect to hit all milestones).

No room for sponges or cheaters.

Who am I?
Ozymandas in game & on Line (with a red "O"). I've been playing since day one & have been leader, officer & grunt in many different types of alliances. I've got a good roster, I'm a fair player, and I excel at strategy and keeping up with the meta.

MUST have Line
min 100k rating, level 40
min 11 4* r3 champs for AQ & AW attack/defense
previous Leader/Officer a plus
mini/boss killers a plus

The alliance is currently Open so you can pop right in. If you find it's closed or full don't hesitate to contact me. Most likely I can make room.

Best to contact Ozymandas (red "O", Sentinel avatar) on Line. Second best: friend me in game. Worst option is these forums; I don't come here often.



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    OzymandasOzymandas Posts: 80
    Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

    Come check out our alliance before the relatives arrive!
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    OzymandasOzymandas Posts: 80
    Snow day! Good day to swing by and check us out!
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