Rank up advice

Will attempt V3,2 and the. 6.2 initial... who would, if any, help clear variants and content? I run full suicides normally and buy t2a from glory weekly so t2a is not easy as I’m in 2500 range AQ weekly and tier 15 bracket AW.

5* cap marvel movie to r5 (sig 55 and I have fury awakened at r4 currently)... she would be my 2nd r5 5* besides blade...

5* corvus to r4 (sig 20)

6* cap America IW unawakened

6* human torch unawakened



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    OwGssOwGss Posts: 82
    Update*** ranked up cap marvel movie to r5... have enough for one more...

    fury to r5 sig 20
    doom unawakened to r4
    symbiote supreme unawakened to r4
    Or... 6* cap iw to r2 unawakened...

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