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StevieManWonderStevieManWonder Posts: 627 ★★★
So after the Black Friday deals, I now have 7 t5 basics and can take either three five stars to r5 or two to r5 and one six star to r2. I am going to take doom and CMM to r5, which leaves me three t5s so I can either take up a five star or a six star. My options are:
6 Star Sym Supreme to r2
Sunspot Unawakened to r5
Black Widow Claire Voyant Unawakened to r5
Night Monkey Unawakened to r5
Namor sig200 to r5
My struggle here is pretty clear, these are all great champs to have at r5 and they don't need to be awakened (except for Night Monkey, I don't know too much about him but greatly enjoy playing him). I took Namor up to sig200 with the generics from the black friday deals, so I feel a little obligated to take him up even though I don't think he's a great option for act 6 (but I might be wrong about that).
I have completed one run through of all released act 6, 100% variant three, one run through of variant 2, and one run through of LoL. My other 5/65 is Venom and I have both corvus and Ghost as r2 six stars. I'm currently leaning towards Sunspot primarily for his perfect block and high amount of debuffs.
Any help would greatly appreciated.


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