Why there is still no update for next month event quest yet?

GOTGGOTG Posts: 1,026 ★★★★
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Next month event quest will start in hours and my game has not been automatically updated and I can't find update version in app store.

Have others updated your game? Just curious because I don't want to start it late.


  • AzKicker316AzKicker316 Posts: 2,115 ★★★★★
    Got my update earlier today
  • BowTieJohnBowTieJohn Posts: 2,185 ★★★★
    edited December 2019
    It looks to be there now. At least the update is. I'm downloading as I write this note here on the forum.
  • GOTGGOTG Posts: 1,026 ★★★★
    edited December 2019
    Got mine in app store. Thanks.
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