What's next?

I'm trying to figure out my next goal for the game. I just became Uncollected but honestly I struggled to do that. Im thinking of focusing on 100% Act 4 next before doing any more of Act 5. Does that make sense? It feels like a weird place progression wise because there is a lot of content ahead but alot of it feels like a stretch right now.


  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 1,465 ★★★
    I finished Act 4 Exploration after becoming Uncollected. It honestly makes sense if you think about it this way:

    Initial Uncollected rewards are horrible, you get a couple 5* shards and T4B? That stinks. What doesn't stink is the fact that you get a guaranteed 4 star, half a T2A and 5* shards from the calendar every month after that. What doesn't stink is that you unlock UC difficulty on EQ's. What doesn't stink is that all progression based rewards and crystals will be much, much more beneficial to you afterwards. Act 4 Exploration rewards will always be there, but that won't, so get Uncollected as soon as possible. Then go back and get those solid rewards such as 5* shards and T2A after you're done. Just my personal thoughts.
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