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AQ and AW focused. G2 trying to get back to G1. Run 1 BG Map 6 every now and then. Generally not during attack phase in seasons. Friendly chatty Alliance. Line Required as communication is key to efficient movement. Main chat can be muted. Other chats unmuted. We go hard during seasons. Offseasons are more relaxed. AQ still runs. AW is adhoc and usually 2BGs until dry run for new season. Gives folks a chance to do solo content.

At least 500k BHR / 6.5k prestige.
Cavalier preferred.

Donations 75k, 5k, 5k. No requirements for alliance events as we generally have no issue in that department.

Mainly North America based.

Reach me on Line.

Line ID: gami3it
Gamer Tag: Un©anny†Bze®ker
Alliance Tag: CØTA
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