V4 and 1* Champs

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I want to start by saying that I sold all my champs once. That being said I sold my 1*s almost immediately over three years ago when they became useless after playing the game for a few weeks. I also want to say V4 has been very enjoyable except for the final chapter.

I honestly am not mad or frustrated that I have to rank up 2,3 and 4* champs, I’ve actually found it quite fun. It gives me the chance to play with some old favorites like SW as well as rank up some new champs that I haven’t been lucky enough to pull as 5 or 6* like fury, doom and CMM. Since selling my champs I’ve acquired almost every character in game back except for 1*’s.

I am however very frustrated about the final chapter. I got some crystals and was able to get 1* gamora and BP and did initial completion with them no problem but am unable to get any others with immunities because bad drop rate/rng and I’m not gonna drop odins on 1* champs. Isn’t this the same as 6.2 with class gates? You are required to buy a crystal with horrible drop rates to get one or two specific champs that will get you though?

That being said I understand it is my fault I sold my champs but my question is why is it an option to sell your champs. I remember reading a post from kabam stating you can’t sell your 5* and 6* champs because it’s unhealthy for players. Hasn’t it always been unhealthy? When I started playing this game there wasn’t a fraction of the tools new players currently have To guide you on progression and game mechanics, you just had to learn the stuff on your own. There was nothing in game telling me that if I sold my champs there’s no way I can achieve them again except for gambling and micro transactions and they will be necessary down the road to complete content. I think it’s incredibly unfair and deceitful to put up this road block for people that having been playing for years. There needs to be a reasonable option to get 1*s back.


  • I’m in the same boat and completely agree.
    Difference for me is I’ve had a 0% drop rate on those stupid 20% chance at a 1* crystals so I can’t even attempt the final quest. I’ve got almost every 2* & 3* and heaps of them maxed out but because I wanted to progress quicker 4yrs ago I have to burn every unit I have (and/or spend $$$) gambling to get a champ that’s useless other than for 1 quest?

    I know it’s permanent content but where’s the word on 1* availability other than through gambling for the hope of getting one? I don’t even mind having to buy them just not at the odds we’re getting atm...

    Anyone coming here to say ‘it’s your own fault if you sold them’ yes that’s true, but also get a life because you’re not helping anyone by trying to act superior on a forum. I haven’t sold a champ for years. I just happened to sell some as a noob before I even knew what an alliance was...
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    Got to I agree with this thread - I luckily literally stumbled on to reddit and this forum when I was a n00b in 2018 when I started, and so didn't sell my 1 stars..but I only have ever had 6 - never got wolverine or spidey, but luckily did have OG Hulk and Gamora to help with that last chapter completion.

    I think giving advanced players a crystal that is clearly designed for new players (with the unusual high drop rate of higher starred champ) is counterproductive, and really the only misstep with this variant as the content itself is great. New crystals are released all the time with various drop rates and variety of champs and one should have been designed just for this with a more reasonable drop rate. Even 50:50 would be have been a vast improvement on the current one of 80:20.
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    @Scottydoosmash completely agree on all fronts.
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