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varient 4 - 1 star requirements

@Kabam Miike guys is there any chance of getting 1 stars from any other way other than creepy 50 units worth crystals ...i opened more than 10+ crystals and gt only one 1 star


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    MaxLeeMaxLee Posts: 205 ★★
    Yes, open a new account and start from the beginning. Just kidding :wink:

    Even after the Cyber Weekend, Kabam has not achieved their annual turnover target, so they pushing you to buy more from the unit store and spend on Hero Crystal. :naughty:
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    KaLydeKaLyde Posts: 14
    Same here. My account is about 1 year old and early on, before I knew, better sold all my 1* champs. I tried the 50 unit hero crystal and got 2* champs. Can someone at Kabam let us know if and when some 1 stars will be available?
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    after spending 1200 units gt 3 1* black panther 2 1*juggy and 1 colousis worst drop rate kabam knows time to grab more money and they don't let it go
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