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Gold and ISO rewards from fights in EQ

Haji_SaabHaji_Saab Posts: 3,984 ★★★★★
edited December 2019 in General Discussion
Ok I might have just missed it before but I am just exploring Master EQ and I noticed 2 things:

1. I am getting 189-195 gold reward. I thought this is usually at around 500 mark?
2. I am getting a tier 1 ISO from every fight which is new to me.

Number 2 is a non issue but I think the gold reward is somehow reduced than normal


  • MawrCalleachMawrCalleach Posts: 260
    Don't think the gold was reduced but iso was,it used to be slightly higher.
    Although,I think heroic and below should award more iso for progressing players(500-1.3k iso bricks)
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