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New Aq Season

Is possible have some info of the new Aq Season? When launch and an idea of rewards?


  • GruftyGrufty Posts: 186
    We will get the info maybe 1 week before the new season starts.

    The current season hasn't been on for that long so I wouldn't expect a new season any time soon though.
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    The currently season have now the duration of the precedent whit Kang
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    Wanna know if the next season we can find cat alpha 2. This is the question all the veteran players make
  • GruftyGrufty Posts: 186
    That would be nice to get more t2a shards from AQ, but if they do have plans to add these or make any other changes then we're more than likely to note hear any info until about a week before the changes drop.

    This is how most changes are given to us.

    I think it's more likely we're going to have changes to AW before a new season of AQ begins. I'm sure it was mentioned in the 6* announcement that changes maybe coming to AW so I would assume that this would happen 1st.
  • AlexVanDamme81AlexVanDamme81 Posts: 83
    Instead I think AW never change. Can change some nodes but the only good change for have high lever war "funny" is only remove mystic dispersion. We can use a very little rooster of heroes in defense and attack and in this mode wars are unfunny and boring. But in this mode (repeat, at high level) people are obbligate to use a lot of items/units and this is perfect for kabam. Every time somebody ask for this in this forum nobody of the mods answer. Why?
    No I don't think the wars change. For kabam is better keep mystic dispersion and we still must play whit a little rooster.

    For aq I "REALLY HOPE" great change for rewards. Is ridicolous take 135 fragments TAlpha2 from a map 6 crystal.
    If the game must go to be focused on 5s "is the time" people can rank up.

    Wait some mods for hear what think.
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