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Looking to get in new alliance quickly. 761k veteran

I got screwed and pushed out of my alliance in the middle of gifting event, after I had contributed $250 toward the event. :persevere: I'm looking to get in another comparable sized alliance ASAP so I can get milestone and rank rewards for the gifting event before it's over.

Hawaiian TZ. Map 5 and Gold 1 AW experience. But I'm kind of slammed at work right now and with a new little one so would prefer a more laid-back alliance if possible, that runs free AQ maps some or most of the time ideally and maybe optional participation in AW.

Would also like an alliance somewhere around the 275k point milestone for gifting so I can continue collecting all the milestone rewards.

Please message me in game or on LINE at rvanwert24

Thanks. Hoping to join something by tomorrow.


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    Hey I saw your comment on this thread and added you in game, jsief93. I appreciate your honestly and what you said is basically what we do lol we do map 4 all the time and same with aw. We’re pretty laid back and participating in wars or not is cool. Like if you know you’ll be busy and can’t, I’d rather that than joining and not moving so that sounds good too. Lemme know if you’re interested
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