Music from other games that fits with MCOC...

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So I usually have the sound and music off in MCOC... and as a result, I usually am listening to various tracks from other games when I'm doing stuff in MCOC.
I especially like finding songs that fit really well with certain challenges in various quests. And I think I've found a few.
So I just want to know... what tracks from other games/media do you think fit well with challenging content in MCOC?

Here are mine:
- especially for some of the key story bosses at the end of a story chapter or an act, I really like songs like 'Battle at Journey's End' from Octopath Traveler (usually I bring up one of the pre-boss character theme->boss music transition videos, let the character theme play while I read the dialogue, the transition as I get ready to start my first fight, and the boss music playing after that). I think this song especially works for stuff like the Collector boss of 5.2, the Ultron boss of 5.4, the final boss of some Monthly Event Quests, and I feel it'd work for the inevitable Grandmaster boss of 6.4 (don't redact this; you know we all know he's going to be the final boss of 6.4, even if we haven't seen footage from the beta), because it literally is a battle signifying the end of at least a part of your journey.
- For other bosses and general questing, I usually play something like a special fight theme, like one of the many rival themes from Pokemon, or maybe if I'm feeling bored, a generic boss fight theme.


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