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Tech power boost and ghost phase on node 49 Bug or me missing something?

So quick run down. We're teir 3 war and i got to a Corvus on node 49. I boost up with 200% tech boost.
First problem, I actioned sp2 and got no power back from tech boost (not a problem but annoying and not sure if this is the first bug)
Second problem, there was no armour break on me from a bad parry, I go to Phase and it fails, took hit to face and dead.
So I suddenly thought maybe I did have an armour break on me and just missed it or maybe i had my phase crit without noticing, So i tried again.
Same thing happens, No armour break on me, no crit phase so i should be fine and it fails again and clearly.
My question is, Has anyone noticed anything fishy with ghost interactions on this node of late? and is this tech power boost bugged? or am i missing something?
I'm quietly livid as this cost a fair few pots/boosts for something i cannot see. any help is appreciated.


  • R_D_JrR_D_Jr Posts: 49

    Read mission 2 it can be due to it but I'm not sure about it
  • SociopathSociopath Posts: 101
    @R_D_Jr haha.. Just about to fire of an angry support message then...Now this explains it for the second time I attempted but the first does not make sense but I probably messed it up and gave him that quest and when i was looking second time around that was actioned.
    Thanks my man.
  • SociopathSociopath Posts: 101
    @SknZn , Thanks my man...also another good point... Thanks for the learning curve guys. Really i should've just taken a step back and properly read all these before..My fail and thanks for help.
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