Global Chat Gifting Glitch?

So the recent gifting event has been mostly great so far. However, there have been a couple of glitches involving trading with summoners from global. For some reason, everytime I find someone to trade with on global, whenever I trade first, they never seem to receive anymore massages. I get upset because I never get gifted back as per our initial agreement. Is there anyway Kabam can fix this strange glitch? I know I'd feel bad if I broke my promise to gift someone - especially if I had just met them - just because of an unfortunate glitch I can't control.


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    Gifting through global

    That's your first mistake.
  • I don't believe this to be a glitch with the chat system, but rather the lack of someone upholding part of a deal. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you, however I don't believe this to be a bug unless we can get further validation that this is occurring via screenshots/videos.
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