!TOW Looking for one to join (AQ 6x5, Top 150, AW P4/T4)

The Titans of war [!TOW] is looking for a killer to join our ranks immediately. We're an all adult alliance that likes to kick ass and have a good time while we're doing it. We finished in Platinum 4 for Season 14 without much effort, but we'll be looking to get back to P3. For AQ we run 6x5 with master modifiers and finish in the top 150 with our starting prestige over 10k.

Our requirements are as follows:
-Must be active every day (but we can work around absences just need to talk to an officer)
-Adults only
-Must participate in AQ and AW - Min 15k points in Completion Events
-Act 5 Completed, One path of LoL, V1, V2 & V3, and 6.3 finished preferred
-Decent defenders
-Min 10k Prestige or higher and decent roster depth
-Map 6 experience (we run map 7 occasionally when it's free)
-Line App for all communication
-US/Euro Time zones preferred
-Not suck

Weekly Donation Requirements: - 260,000 Gold, 18,500 Loyalty, 26,000 Battle Chips entered by Friday night.

We're looking for people that can be a good team player and not need to be micro managed and just go out and kill ****. Ability to clear lines without trouble. Contact: DarkGuarDN on Line App or in-game to chat.
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