The fifth year anniversary

PiviotPiviot Posts: 658 ★★★
IMO it sucked

I was done with all I could handle within the first two weeks(even beginner)

I was bored shitless for the rest of the month(I refuse to step into act five again, yes my prob and I know ppl gonna say do act five but I just got uncollected so I was burnt out of that so pls be courteous)

Where was the lot of content. I’m lost the halls of heroes which was done in a couple of hours till next week

Kabaam Mike said there was a lot of content
I’m still missing it

The calendars sucked(they had a FEW good things)

Again where is the content

And I’m not anywhere a top player

If I’m bored with this so called month of a lot of content what do the hi lvl players have


  • SnizzbarSnizzbar Posts: 1,997 ★★★★★
    You should do more of Act 5
  • There's always Arena. Dungeons are live. If you're bored, then you're really not trying. If you lack an Alliance, try finding a good one that will help keep you busy and engaged. I'm not sure what more you're looking for when there's Story Quest (Acts 1 - 6.3), the monthly Event Quest, a side event (Halls of Heroes), multiple Arenas, Alliance War, Alliance Quest, Dungeons, Realm of Legends, Road to the Labyrinth, Labyrinth of Legends, AND Back Issues #1-4 in game already... that's not enough when you just became Uncollected?

    The Calendars were pretty nice (not amazing, but they certainly didn't 'suck' as you put it). Clearing the EQ early opens the door to pushing further in Story Mode. It's about finding that balance of challenging yourself, and not burning yourself out. Seems like you're looking for something more when you haven't even finished what's already on your plate. You may not want to hear it but, keep cracking away at Act 5. 5.3 is a bit of a slog, but 5.4 is good times IMO. Pro tip for 5.4, keep track of the lanes you complete due to the locked nature of the maps.
  • SheDroveMeHereSheDroveMeHere Posts: 139 ★★
    It sucked. I am in an active alliance and was bored enough to start a 2nd account. Hall of heroes (even on epic) was just a quick couple hours a week, I was done with the monthly EQ within the first week, and I'm not quite ready to jump into act 6.

    Without a daily quest, there wasn't much to do (why would I waste my time with an arena that gives old Champs?). The rewards across the board were pretty mediocre, the drop rates on the gifting crystals were super disheartening, and in general it was a snooze.

    November was better.
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