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Crystals Display fixes/revamp

Nick_Caine_32Nick_Caine_32 Posts: 587 ★★★★
I know this has been discussed before but I want to bring it up again. I only recently started holding a lot of my crystals because I kept having a ton of catalysts expire. I know a lot of people especially on the higher end of the game hold a ton of crystals, some of them with thousands. There was a weird glitch a few months ago where it had all the crystals in the display scrambled in the wrong order, and supposedly that was fixed, but mine is still all messed up. But it got me thinking - this entire display is in need of a quality of life update. It's so annoying having to scroll over and over and over again every time you open something. They're still out of order. They aren't even grouped in a good way, or logically. And it's a display that was set up a long time ago, and since then there's so many new kinds of crystals in the game.

For instance: Right now this is the order on the "crystals" tab in my game currently...

Covenant crystal: 3-6 star champ
Bloodgem crystal: 3-4 star champ
Tier 4 class catalyst crystal
Tier 3 class Catalyst crystal
Tier 4 Class catalyst fragment crystal
Map 5 AQ crystal
Greater glory crystal
Tier 2 Class Catalyst crystal
Glory Crystal
Tier 3 class catalyst fragment crystal
Map 4 AQ crystal
Cavalier daily crystal
Quest Crystal
Grandmaster Tech Crystal
Cavalier Free Crystal
Grandmaster Crystal
Uncollected Gold Crystal
Cavalier Crystal
Premium Hero Crystal
Arena Crystal
Alliance Crystal
Uncollected Arena Crystal

None of these are grouped with like crystals. You've got crystals that give you champions/shards. Then you have catalyst crystals. Then you have gold, arena, item crystals. It's just a really unorganized hodgepodge of different types, and even then, it bounces from one type to another and not in order. I admit I have OCD and hate holding ANY type of crystal at all, but if i'm forced to do it or I will have catalysts expiring, then this should be an easy fix.

Even the "Special" tab is weird right now...

Tier 4 tech trade crystal
Tier 4 Mutant trade crystal
lesser solo crystal
Tier 4 Mystic trade crystal
Tier 4 Science trade crystal
Greater Solo Crystal
Tier 4 Skill Trade crystal
Tier 4 cosmic trade crystal

Why aren't the solo crystals together? The entire thing just makes no sense at all.

Why can't we have more collapsible tabs to group like items together? Or revamp it to group all crystals that give catalysts or items together, then all crystals that award champions/shards together, and everything else together? That seems easier and more organized than whatever is happening now. I know this isn't pressing or game changing, but I care about quality of life updates and it's been a while since this has been addressed or changed. And it's still bugged. I would love if the team could take a look at this and maybe make some changes.

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