Not seeing potions or revives or even item spawn points in UC event quest

Is anyone else having this problem? I know last month we had an issue like this and I also am aware there's another thread like this but specifically in the UC difficulty I am not seeing potions or revives on paths and also not seeing the ISO which indicates a spawn point so am sure the spawn points have been turned off again. They had this problem in a previous month and were compensated. I believe the same has happened this month? Seems to only be in the UC difficulty though.


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    I have just started the UC Event quest 2.2 and had 2 ways with healers to choose from. So I think everything should be ok ;)
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    I’ve seen health potions in the monthly quest.
  • This was a one time issue that has not occurred before, and won't again. There are definitely items available in this Quest.
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