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Which 5* cosmic to r5? For Act 6/variants

TheSquish671TheSquish671 Posts: 2,880 ★★★★★
Just got corvus and cull obsidian yesterday, and i have an awakening gem for cull obsidian if i rank him up.

I don't have suicides so i don't know if corvus will have damage high enough to defeat act 6/variant opponents. Does anyone know if corvus at r5 without suicides can take down act 6 opponents?
I also have 5* nick fury at r5 for captain marvel and a 6* blackbolt for medusa

Which 5* cosmic to r5? For Act 6/variants 17 votes

Corvus glaive
AjisdopeHzorichrisfernendezzzEtjamaDead1Suman_sahAEinfachSoEwell65SSS69BonzodavidOctoberstackPablo276LovekNightbat216Soar2878Lil_Lasagna 15 votes
Cull obsidian
RoOOtsddom 2 votes
Wait for captain marvel


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    chrisfernendezzzchrisfernendezzz Posts: 335
    Corvus glaive
    In Corvus vs cull , corvus is much better and also for autoblock champs he pretty useful
    Medusa is also really good , do armor shatter and then do sp 2 is my fav thing as long as champ bleed
    im also waiting to have 5* capt. Marvel
    But i recentlý got her as 4* , im thinking rank her to 5 and then awake her with generic awakening gem
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    chrisfernendezzzchrisfernendezzz Posts: 335
    Corvus glaive
    Venom is also really good champ, but some people may not find him useful but he can be very useful. He get true strike when your opponent is below 20% health. In thinking to rank4 him
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    AjisdopeAjisdope Posts: 936 ★★★
    Corvus glaive
    Corvus is a lane clearer
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