Timing on rebalances

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Does anyone know when we are supposed to be told what is happening to the champs in the first batch of rebalances? I’ve held back on taking Namor past R3 in case they nerf him down to his swimming trunks.

It also dawned on me that the alternative I chose...Sunspot will probably be next to be rebalanced so I suppose it doesn’t really matter who I rank up? They will get changed at some point. Sorry state for the game to be in really when you have to hesitate to use resources and play with such uncertainty.

At least if we could get a timeline I would know how long Namor has left until the King of the Seven Seas is turned into Ariel the little mermaid.


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    Every day we have post like this and always the same answer. They say we will have news in January, we’re still in January so...
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    Kabam knows what they are doing to namor so they could just tell us and this all goes away. I hope we see a post every day about this till they tell us. Kabam needs to stop being so secretive.
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    Most recent statement is near the end of the month and it's still the 11th (at the moment of this reply) they still have a couple weeks left.
  • Hey there, we'll have more information to share on the balance changes coming later this month.
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