Time Played Rewards

I think offering rewards based on how long you've remained in the game would be awesome. You dont have to offer legendary rewards straight away, just build it up to seasonal events like CNY, Women's Day, Easter, etc.


  • xLunatiXxxLunatiXx Posts: 44
    There is already a progression based reward system. No need for another or different system. Some people dont have the skill to get uncollected after years of playing. Would you give them the same rewards as someone that did it in 7 months?
  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 836 ★★
    edited January 12
    No the idea is to start at mid game rewards Up to Act 4 Chapter 2, that way everyone gets a bit of both beginner and mid tier rewards, obviously it wont appeal to end game players but it would certainly help newer players
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