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Looking for AW oriented alliance. I have 3 r4 5*


Looking for an alliance that is AW oriented. Map 6 experienced and a boss killer. Line Id is : jay-5363


  • 6M Aus/NZ alliance need 2. Add line ID Newbee 666
  • Shanetwo1Shanetwo1 Posts: 142
    Not sure why I can not find you on line. Sent you an ingame request as a friend. We are 11.6mil group, t4cc weekly, t1 AW
  • Shanetwo1Shanetwo1 Posts: 142
    My line is is shanetwo1
  • Heinz11Heinz11 Posts: 116
    Same. Can't find you via Line. Messaged you in game. 13m alliance, weekly t4c, Tier 1 AW. No event minimums. Heinz11 on Line or in game
  • ajray002ajray002 Posts: 14
    Line: ajray002

    Cant find you either -

    Map 5 with 1 or 2 days of 6; T4CC weekly
    11M alliance
    Tier 1 war
  • Shanetwo1Shanetwo1 Posts: 142
    Guess we are all looking for similar recruits. Slim pickings.
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