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Domino vs. Symbiote Supreme to R5 for 6.3

OctoberstackOctoberstack Posts: 872 ★★★★
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Caught at a decision point between these two while preparing my roster for an initial clear of 6.3. Both are unduped.

I run full suicides (max WP, 1 point in Coagulate), but occasionally switch over to a non-suicides build which incorporates 3/5 MD. Only 1 point unlocked in DW so far.

I have a 6* Red Hulk for Domino, and a R4 Venom for Sym (when necessary).

Sym would be most valuable for the 6.3.1 Medusa boss, but I feel he's more than capable of handling it at R4. Domino would predominantly act as a pathrunner, and to help chip down the two bosses for whom I lack a direct counter (Mysterio and Cap IW). Any and all input would be much appreciated, with bonus appreciation for anyone with who can share insight regarding their experience using either in 6.3.

Domino vs. Symbiote Supreme to R5 for 6.3 6 votes

Symbiote Supreme
Lvernon1510or_StrongEtjamaPrezRio4Sarvanga1_Owl_0wl 6 votes
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