Infinite streak for t4b arena

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Anyone knows the method for infinite streak in t4b arena please share below. Thanks.


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    i use this formula here. i think richtheman posted this a while back ago
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    1-7: all 5*r1
    8-12: 2 5*r1 + 1 lowest pi from 1*/2*
    13-14: all 5*r5/r4
    15-19: all 5*r3
    20-∞ : all 5*r2 (not below that)

    u can use similer lvl of 4* also; like 5*r3=4*maxed, 5*r2=4*r4, 5*r1=4*r3
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    My typical T4B strategy is:

    1-5 - anything, typically 5/50 4*
    6-10 - R1 & R2 5* now that you're on 3x multiplier. Last round or two can be very tricky so take high-damage and/or power control options.
    11 - 2x R4 & 1x R3 5* (Start of Kang/Thanos teams)
    12- ~20 - 1x R4 & 2x R3 5* (mostly Kang/Thanos teams - once you stop getting them and start getting player opponents again, you're in infinite streak)
    Thereafter I know you can throw in 3x R2 5* champs; you can try 2x R2 & 1x R1 but that might be pushing it, I tend to use 1x each of R1, R2 & R3 until I've used up all my R1 champs.

    If you don't have enough 5* then relatively levelled 4* still work (5/50 4* more or less equals an R3 5*) but you need to work through the Kang/Thanos fights with R4, or else you're looking at the "death squad" fights (which max out at 5/65 champs)
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    tag me if its benefits u or not
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