Relaxed map 4 alliance looking for active members

Hey guys! I’m currently looking to add a few more active players to our alliance. We are running map 4 in AQ an war is optional. The only requirements we have is that players are 200kmin an use line app. Line isn’t a must if you’re able to communicate well through in game messaging. This is a newer alliance an all the players here are good people an players. Our line chats are always active with people willing to help others. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in or you have questions please contact me in game or apply to N€M€SIS. Thank you all an have a wonderful day-SpiderGirlMaya


  • Tried requesting you in game, you accepted and messaged me. Upon replying to ask if I could join, got a message that you removed my friend request. Line ID is Bossman493. Please message me if you can
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