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8209 Prestige Cavalier Asgardian Warrior lf active, mature alliance. AQ Map 5+, AW Gold 3-2

8209 prestige, Cavalier & I've been playing since day 1. I can handle a path in AW or AQ, though I'm not the best boss killer. I've been a leader & an officer several times but I'm just looking to be a grunt for now.

I'm looking for an alliance that:

1) is close to full & active.

2) runs 3 BGs in AQ to 100%, all doing 55555 or higher (but the 55555 BG for me)

3) is Gold 2-3 (preferably no higher or lower) in AW, with all 3 BGs participating regularly. You never skip a War.

4) uses Line.

5) allows players to make each others' donations. I'd be looking for someone to donate my Loyalty, I'll donate their gold.

Best to contact me via Line or in game. Either way my user ID is Ozymandas (with a red "O" in Line) with a Sentinel avatar.



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