Do Daily Cards lock you out of the last few days when renewed?

Mathking13Mathking13 Posts: 905 ★★★
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So I'm considering renewing my Collector's Daily Card. It's a really nice value for money and it's not that much money in the first place either.
All I want to know is will I'll be locked out of the last two days of my first daily card if I renew it now? Or will it just line the second card to start after the first one ends? I'm guessing that it's the latter, but I just want to make absolutely sure.


  • Matty_IceMatty_Ice Posts: 278 ★★
    It’s the latter.
  • Ocs06Ocs06 Posts: 79
    Dont worry. You dont miss anything, you can buy it before it ends.
  • Yea. Ive done it. You can def buy before it ends. New calendar wont start until last 2 days of previous are claimed. I do it every month.
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