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Who better to rank up: unduped 5* Mordo to r3 or duped 4* Magik to r5

At this point in the game (with the possibility of 6* champs coming), would it be better to rank up a 5* Mordo who is not duped to r3, or use the T4 class cats to rank up a duped 4* Magik to r5? I see pros and cons for both and would like input. Thanks!


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    Superman69Superman69 Posts: 534 ★★★
    Much more usage and utility than mordo.
    Good for AQ, boss-killing, AW (defense AND offense both) , End-game questing (except Lol)

    Mordo is good for AWD only, and prestige once duped.
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    CiclistoCiclisto Posts: 10
    Thanks for the input.
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    Captain_MaimCaptain_Maim Posts: 338
    Definitely magik. Limbo is sick. Mordo is useful as well, but takes some experience playing either with him or quake to get used to his play style.
    Magik has more utility with her power control and limbo. She's good both offense and defense.
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