Wasp taking almost no dmg

So in the side event thats running now i faced Wasp on the next to last fight in epic. Jumped in with my 6 star Havok and had her down to about 30% and about to finish her off with a sp3, at least i thought so.. So she just took about 2-3% dmg from the sp3 how is that? I most be missing something about Wasp but i cant figure it out. Nodes are Rage and Stung ones, Twise shy 3. Please explain to me what im missing for future Wasp encounters :)


  • DonDudu2809DonDudu2809 Posts: 106
    The rage node is the reason. It caps damage at 2.5%, including special attacks, it is not because of wasp's abilities.
  • SvensktigerSvensktiger Posts: 63
    Great, had no clue the Rage node did that lol 😄
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