gp87gp87 Posts: 302 ★★★
When a game like that is so expensive ( for example to have namor and take him to rank 200 you needed at least 300€ - 1000€ ) then your rebalancing program is not so “walk in the park” for us, the customers.

Now, before the gifting event (maybe because you afraid a boycott) you said that you pause the “rebalancing” and before anything changes you WILL DISCUSS IT WITH US!
Now, that happened; next week we will inform you and 3 days after the new patch will come out.
That reminds me of monarchy. You do whatever you want and you change everything you like with money that we paid.
So, 2 options i see here:
1. If you want to “rebalance” make champs chipper. Make the arena for them easy, the cavaliers cheap and the drop rates for 5 & 6 star bigger.
2. If you keep them so expensive and so exclusive (pay go get) then you saw us that you are grindy company who doesn’t care but want to show us that cares. BUT with that rebalancing program the gap is bigger, the pay to win players will take max benefits of champs and the free to play will not.

It was your most profitable year for you. Lets see after those moves how the 2020 will be 😉. And i would like to know, if your company lose profit and cut your salary how it feels... then you will understand our frustration.

*if you really care, upload TODAY the changes, not tommorow, mot next week. Today. You gathered already your “information”


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