Easy Invisible Woman Tweak

RoninManRoninMan Posts: 747 ★★★★
Kabam said they know Invisible Woman is a poor damage dealing champ (or under average) which relies on skill to get her maximum potential. I know I’ve suggested this elsewhere and others have as well, but there’s an easy way to adjust it to where she can become much more playable. Just adjust her max setup to between 10 and 20 vulnerabilities for max setup instead of 50. Boom done. It doesn’t affect her hardly at all on defense but makes her so much better to use on offense.


  • Hammerbro_64Hammerbro_64 Posts: 7,463 ★★★★★
    So a faster ramp up? Sounds like a good idea
  • RoninManRoninMan Posts: 747 ★★★★

    So a faster ramp up? Sounds like a good idea

    Yes exactly. Dex ~20 times instead of 50. It’s less punishing to not only set her up initially, but not as punishing when you accidentally parry or if the opponent misses.
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