Marvel's Most Elite

Marvel's Most Elite 5.5-6m alliance, always growing, tons of overachievers, we only need you to be dependable, communicate, and try your hardest. Pay attention. Don't be that guy hitting linked nodes.

Here's where we're at on some of the basics
AQ: Maps 55522 - Expert tier one week, advanced one week
SA: No holds, we move fast all around. Weekly average would be 300-400m, usually rank 6-20%
AW: Tier 7-10, we are AQ focused, but still enjoy playing war.
Completion: 15k requirement, ranked high in rewards, several overachievers here.
Duel Skirmish: 650
Donations: 80k gold, 17.5 battle chips, 7.5 loyalty - Costs of map 5 which pay back and more profit in the rest of AQ.

In game tag is Gaanj, line id is gaanjaa. Line is needed, there are chats for everyone and individual chats for bgs.

We don't have a set requirement but still expect members to achieve and use items during item use, and no requirements on arena

We focus heavily on AQ and finish all groups with great communication. We need 2-4 dependable players that can show up and fight with us. New and experienced map 5 players welcome. Minimum 100k. Constantly growing and progressing, now is the time to get in. Get boss rewards, go big or go home!


  • GaanjGaanj Posts: 33
    Two spots remain open, we are currently running 55533. Discussion for running anything higher will be determined by the extra muscle that is added once these two spots are filled. Gotta drop the dead weight!
  • GaanjGaanj Posts: 33

    Need 2-3, message Gaanj in game or gaanjaa on line.
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