Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



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    JOPAROJOPARO Posts: 15

    Characters that must be in the MARVEL: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS P.9
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    Taxman666Taxman666 Posts: 103
    Yo. Eclipse. You should be a content creator... I wish that kABAM and Marble. Would merge their media. ...
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    StéxonStéxon Posts: 6
    edited March 2018

    Quicksilver (Mystic)

    Abilities :

    Every fifth attack done is counted as two hits (critical hits are counted as triple hits).

    When Attacked
    50% chance to reduce opponents critical hits

    Speed Charges
    Every hit done by Quicksilver is counted as one Speed Charge a certain number of combo hit gives him different abilities:
    - 10 Speed Charges: Increases Critical rating by xxxx
    - 50 Speed Charges: Heal 15% of current health
    - 100 Speed Charges: Immunity to all debuffs
    - 200 Speed Charges: 75% chance to evade projectiles
    - 250+ Speed Charges: Quicksilver is so charged that he becomes unstoppable for 10 seconds for every next 50 combo hit

    Special 1: Speed Hit – Quicksilver rushes into his enemy hitting him 5 times at incredible speed
    - Adds 5 Speed Charges

    Special 2: Silver Tornado – Quicksilver runs around the enemy creating a tornado that lifts the opponent from the ground
    - 50% chance to inflict Concussion reducing the opponents Ability Accuracy by 60% for 5 seconds

    Special 3: Light speed quick – Quicksilver hits every single muscle in the opponent body
    - 100% chance to stun the opponent for 2 seconds
    - Adds 10 Speed Charges

    Signature Ability – Speedsters metabolism – Quicksilver starts the fight with 10 Speed Charges and 75% chance to shrug all debuffs applied on him

    Synergy Bonuses:

    Twin power with Scarlet Witch
    • Quicksilver: 100% chance to reduce opponents critical hits
    • Scarlet Witch: Adds 15% chance to the Veil Of Fortune

    Daddy issues with Magneto (both)
    • Quicksilver : Every Critical Hit gives Quicksilver 10 Speed Charges
    • Magneto (both): 100% chance to inflict Bleed on every Special Attack

    In-laws with Medusa and Blackbolt
    • Quicksilver: 50% chance to Armor Break every 10 hits
    • Medusa and Blackbolt: +10% Attack at the start of the fight
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    Taxman666Taxman666 Posts: 103
    **Attention**. I have some Extremely Bad News to Report:. kABAM. Marvel And NetMarble. Are really just playing with all of us. Anyone who has played MFF. Or MCOC. Can plainly see that they could add so many Characters practically all the ones we have been Suggesting and some. We are clearly being Punked for some future diabolical plan...what is it money?
    Trying to turn us into mindless drones playing for hrs hoping for rewards and new characters??? I Think Thanos is behind it all
    This thing is bigger than Hydra...??? Lol
    Seriously. MFF. Give some of them Characters to MCOC They Stingy
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    I want new characters
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    Please add {DR.DOOM}
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    JOPAROJOPARO Posts: 15
    Characters that must be in the MARVEL: CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS P.10
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    Can you guys please add the silver surfer?
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    Nova, Silver Surfer and Namor alone would make me super Happy! Just not all together. loll
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    I think they sould add silver sufer into the game
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    HarilynnHarilynn Posts: 1
    So over the years ya'll been slowly checking off champs I reaaaally been wanting in the game: Psylocke, Gambit, Ghost Rider, Blade (AT LONG LAST). But still some itches need to be scratched

    Nick Fury: How is the dude that brought the Avengers together not in this game yet?
    Jessica Jones: Only seen as an NPC, I think its about time we complete the Defenders team
    Wasp: Movie sequel coming up, need I say more?
    Black Cat: We got so many Spider-Man villains, but not so much in his allies, bring the fine-ass kick-ass feline in there
    Super Skrull: Rather than add 4 characters for the FF, why not bring the villain that can use all 4 of their powers ^^
    Blackheart: The son of Mephisto, haven't seen him in a game since like the old days of Marvel Super Heroes
    Heimdall: We need moar Asgardians up in here, so digitize Idris Elba already xD
    Apocalypse: One of the biggest X-Men villains there is.
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    ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 178
    Doctor Doom
    Fantastic 4
    Silver Surfer
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    ToxicCrossedToxicCrossed Posts: 1
    edited March 2018
    Lockjaw... You guys have been teasing him in social media and i think he would be a fun addition to the game
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    JozielPNJozielPN Posts: 96
    Yes, I would definitely love to see Lockjaw as playable character.
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    Troy_Elric123Troy_Elric123 Posts: 542 ★★★
    Many people would love to see Nova and Whiplash and lady siff.
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    Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★

    Champion Tag: #Defensive: tank #Villain #TeamX

    Class: Mutant

    Stats: the same as Rhino


    Blubber: Blob’s elastic skin protects him from harm: it grants him increased Physical Resistance and immunity to bleed and stun effects. He also have X% chance to perform a Perfect Block.

    Immovable: Blob’s gravity field makes him immovable, preventing him to be knocked into the air or pushed back by a Heavy Attack or a Special Attack (exception Special Attack 3). Only big and strong opponents (other #Defensive: tank champions like Hulk and Juggernaut) have the strength to move him.

    Heavy Attacks have X% chance to Stun for 2 seconds.

    Fury: 11% chance to raise Attack by X damage for 6.5 seconds.

    Berserk: For every 2% health that he has lost or Special Attack that is used on him, Blob gains a Blubber Token and at 10 he gets a Fury and Cruelty buff.

    Signature Ability:

    Blubber Rebound: Blob is capable of recoiling X% Physical Damage back as Direct Damage (starting at 0.5% at level 1 and up to 25% at level 99, increasing 0.25% per level). He also has X% chance to Absorb damage, Absorbed hits cannot be critical and deal 25% reduced damage (similar to Ant-Man).

    Special Attacks:

    Head Slam: Blob slams his head on his opponent, having a 70% chance to Concussion, reducing Ability Accuracy by X% for Y seconds.

    Belly Slam: Blob slams his belly on his opponent, having a 100% chance to Concussion, reducing Ability Accuracy by X% for Y seconds, and 70% chance to Daze, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by X% for Y seconds.
    Body Slam: Blob slams his full body on his opponent, having a 100% chance to Concussion, reducing Ability Accuracy by X% for Y seconds, and 100% chance to Daze, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by X% for Y seconds.


    Wolverine (both): Teammate
    Deadpool (both): Teammate
    Juggernaut: Rival
    Hulk: Rival
    Magneto (both): Enemy
    Cyclops (both): Nemesis
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    _Epic_2099_Epic_2099 Posts: 8
    Hello everyone! Sorry been busy and that was a funny comment there taxman, but you are right, we should have a lot more characters like MFF. Anyways here's more character suggestions for the game.

    Red she-hulk
    Doctor Bong
    Purple man
    Shi'ar Death Commandos
    Ravenous and Currs(pets)
    The Mighty
    The Worthy
    Ghost Rider as one of The Worthys
    Iron Nail
    Multiple man

    Man, I love doing this! :D

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    TaZ_4178TaZ_4178 Posts: 506 ★★
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    1. Mr. Fantastic *
    2. Invisible Woman *
    3. The Thing *
    4. The Human Torch *
    5. Dr. Doom *
    6. Nova *
    7. Silver Surfer
    8. Man Thing
    9. Hercules *
    10. Jessica Jones
    11. Spider Woman
    12. Nick Fury
    13. Red Skull
    14. Havoc
    15. Bullseye
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    Colonaut123Colonaut123 Posts: 3,091 ★★★★★

    Champion Tag: #Defensive: tank #Hero #FantasticFour

    Class: Cosmic

    Stats: the same as Juggernaut but the critical hit stats of Black Panther


    Rock Skin: The Thing’s rocky skin protects him from harm: it grants him a passive increased Armor Score (same as Juggernaut) and immunity to bleed and incineration.

    Unbreakable: The Thing’s rock skin cannot be broken by Armor Break. Armor Break is instead converted to Armor Up. His Heavy Attacks also have a 30% chance to Armor Break, lowering Armor Score by X for 8 seconds.

    Fury: 11% chance to raise Attack by X damage for 6.5 seconds.

    Signature Ability:

    It’s Clobberin’ Time: The lower health The Thing has, the higher his Critical Damage is, up to a maximum of +X% (starting at +5% at level 1, increasing by +2.5% every level up to 250% for level 99).

    Special Attacks:

    Ground Breaker: The Thing slams with one feet on the ground, causing a small earthquake, having a 100% chance to critically hit and having X% chance to inflict Y Direct Damage over 5 seconds.

    Earth Shatterer: The Thing slams with both hands on the ground, causing a medium earthquake, having a 100% chance to critically hit and having X% chance to inflict Y Direct Damage over 5 seconds.

    Meteor Crusher: The Thing leaps into air and crashes down on his opponent, causing a large earthquake, having X% chance to inflict Y Direct Damage over 5 seconds (double of Special Attack 1 and 2).


    Mr. Fantastic: Friend
    Human Torch: Rival
    Fantastic Four: Unique
    Hulk: Rival
    Dr. Doom: Nemesis
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    CrazedSoul541CrazedSoul541 Posts: 13
    Black Panther of the new movie:
    I think we should add this black panther because the character does not really have much justice in the game. The costume also has a lot of cool abilities such as kinectic energy that absorbs the damage, if you will, we can Also take into account the heart-shaped herbs powers and these cool tech gadgets,
    I'm still quite new to the game so sorry if the idea of ​​his passive or duplicate abilities does not look great: with his version of civil war, I really liked when he could increase his damage but the only way to to do was to be consistently hit, and let's be honest in this game, we can not afford to be touched, so I think it could probably be changed to work a bit like the energy chitauri vultures and you can let it stack then you save it for the third special, orb you can turn them into higher attack boosts like Hela Can.
    But for specials, some quick ideas:

    Special: Wakandan Martial Arts
    Black panther show some of his fighting skills he has learned since his youth thanks to the heart-shaped grass, thanks to the vibranium armor, gives him an unstoppable pile

    Special 2: Emp blast
    With advanced wakandas technology, the Black Panther throws his opponent and throws empty bombs that will inflict damage of discharge and stunning, but if the opponent is fully robot or at least dependent on electricity, the damage is longer. idea that I got from Stark Spidey)

    Special 3: Kinectic shockwave
    After taking several attacks from his opponent, the black panther's costume glows crimson and claws with his claws and ends with a huge kinectic discharge leaving the opponent stunned with rather severe bleeding damage plus kinetic energy. he has accumulated is high the 3rd special will do the trick.

    I thought this "new" champion could be introduced after the black panther tried to fight against thanos, he could come back with an improvement for the final fight.

    These are just rough ideas and if someone wants to offer more, do not hesitate to! But honestly, I think the kabam team can have fun giving life to this character, of course, it's entirely up to them if they want to make this champion. After all, killmonger deserves its worthy counterpart!foavsxa14et3.jpeg
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    KittenPrimeKittenPrime Posts: 191
    Can we add Kabaam Miike?
    Class, all of them, like the collector
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    Jman2182Jman2182 Posts: 101
    doctor doom and Shumra ghora
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    GarryDKGarryDK Posts: 135 ★★
    Daken Akihiro

    Daken is the mutant son of Wolverine and his deceased wife Itsu. He possesses superhuman abilities similar to his father (e.g., healing factor, retractable claws), and was a member of the Dark Avengers

    Sig ability

    pheromone control: Daken controls power through his ability to control enemies though pheromones

    Bleed and heal (similar to X23)

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    Gmonkey2kGmonkey2k Posts: 33
    There are quite a few potential new characters in the title screen for the newest update....Check the pictures on the wall.....

    Nathaniel Essex....
    Emma Frost...

    Many others I don't know :P
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    WRIRWRIR Posts: 563 ★★★
    I think it would be fantastic to see some fantastic 4 characters! Reed I dunno maybe kinda like doc oc, invisible woman I guess could have hood's invisibility and maybe something like quake, human torch with incinerate, and the thing with his own thing(immunities, maybe like an ice-man type armor?) But what I reaaally want to see is Doctor Doom. I think he should be three versions - One should be a Mystic, normal doctor doom with focus on nullify, reversing buffs, power gain, power lock, and those stuff. One could be a Master, with focus on critical hits and cruelty, and dodging. (I was thinking maybe for every 10 combos his chance to dodge enemy specials increase by 10% and he gains x crit rating) Finally we can have a tech, Ironman(infamous ironman) who could focus on analyzing his opponent's weaknesses and uses magic and tech to wreck havoc!(Would be hero though) . But yes. I'd like to see all parts of doom(His mystic side, his tech side, his martial artist side, his evil, his good) portrayed, and all the fan4 champs!
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    ArrowstreamArrowstream Posts: 178
    blindfold, blizzard, arsenic, black tarantula, and, black knight
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    My wish list characters to add at the game: (i dont speak english, i´m argentinian)

    * NOMADA (INFINITY WAR): (Skill)
    * WINTER SOLDIER (INFINITY WAR): (Skill/Cientist)
    * HAVOK: (Mutant)
    * DR. DOOM: (Mistic/Tech)
    * MISTIQUE: (Mutant)
    * GHOST: (Tech)
    * MR. SINISTER: (Mistic/Mutant)
    * RED SKULL: (Skill)
    * SILVER SURFER: (Cosmic)
    * MR. FANTASTIC: (Cosmic/Cientist)
    * INVISIBLE WOMAN: (Cosmic/Cientist)
    * HUMAN TORCH: (Cosmic/Cientist)
    * THE THING: (Cosmic/Skill)
    * DOMINO (DEADPOOL 2): (Mutant)
    * ANTI-VENOM: (Cosmic)
    * BLACK DWARF (INFINITY WAR): (Cosmic/Skill)
    * EBONY MAW (INFINITY WAR): (Cosmic/Mistic?)
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