Character Wishlist Thread 3.0



  • ShalomShalom Posts: 16
    i think mantis should be added
  • duckrogersduckrogers Posts: 10
    Conan the barbarian
    Sakaar son of hulk
    Shanna she demon
  • Venom for calendar rewards since it's been impossible for me to ever get him in any crystals. Knull god of the symbiotes Skrull Talos or super skrull. Beta Ray Bill Thor. Thanos. Professor Hulk. Venom the duck on calendars. Fat Thor for an updated look. Ghost Rider on Calendars. Supreme Symbiote on the calendars again. Korg on the Calenders again. Maestro Hulk infinity gauntlet that would tie into the story mode.
  • Also I think an all symbiote mode again would work if we were able to unlock all the symbiote aliens of klyntar and have them playable.
  • JayCeeJayCee Posts: 732 ★★
    From my last list I left out a few
    Adam Warlock (soon please I do not want to wait until 2023 to use that legend)
    Dark Phoenix
    Bucky Barnes (classic and Infinity War)
    Mar-Vell (classic)
    One Above All
    Professor X
    War Machine Mk 5 (make him good please)
    Triton (or what ever his name is)
    Spiderman 2099
    Spiderman Noir
    Wasp (black and yellow suit)
    Kree Sentry
  • Kg27Kg27 Posts: 2
    1) captain Britain (mystic)
    2) Nova (cosmic)
    3) Shang chi (mystic)
    4) lizard (science)
    5) sandman (science) [think of all the hits that'll miss]
    6) and 7) Adam warlock/maggus (cosmic) [similar deal to sentry/void]
    8) mystique (mutant)
    9) Pete wisdom (mutant)
    10) Galactus (cosmic)
  • PiizzaHDPiizzaHD Posts: 8
    There are hundreds of champions out there that could be implemented into this game and Kabam do a good job in adding a couple a month but are they the right ones to add?

    If you haven't seen Endgame yet, then I sugest you stop reading now as a few could be spoilers:

    Iron Spider
    Captain America (With sheild and Mjolnir) - my main one
    Thor (With stormbreaker)
    Professor Hulk
    Up to date version of Drax, Gamora, Doctor Strange, black panther and Black Widow (to give her justice)

    I'm sure there are alot more... I just haven't thought of them within the last 5 minutes :smiley:

    If you have any ideas, comment them down below and hopefully some of them can be implemented!

    Thanks guys x
  • MulticatkidはいMulticatkidはい Posts: 11
    I would like to see onslaught added. I want to fight Charles Xavier but I really don’t want to fight someone in a wheel chair
  • MulticatkidはいMulticatkidはい Posts: 11
    I would also like to have savage banner added. He was in the original comics and in hulk ultimate destruction. I think he’d be a really funny and fun to play with champion
  • heirDEZheirDEZ Posts: 8
    ENDGAME THOR ! FAT THOR BEARD AND LONG HAIR! 3rd special he summons mjolnir and thunderclaps it with stormbreaker = boom game over
  • Boomfiend527__Boomfiend527__ Posts: 89
    edited May 2019

    #Defensive: Tank #Villain #Sinister Six #Size: XL
    Stats (Based on a 5/50 4*)

    Health - 16,029
    Attack - 1,194
    Critical Rating - 24%
    Critical Damage - 179%
    Block Proficiency - 49%
    Armor Rating - 3%

    Primal Instincts (Sabertooth)(Wolverine) Unique

    Lizard: Each Fury passive increases the Lizard’s power gain rate by 5%.

    Sabertooth: At the start of the fight, if Sabertooth has no Persistent Charges, gain 2 of his permanent passive Furies.

    Wolverine: Inflicting a Bleed grants Wolverine 5% of his maximum power instantly.

    Awry Experiments (Doctor Octopus)(Green Goblin) Unique

    Lizard: Filling a bar of power grants a Fury passive.

    Doctor Octopus: Reaching 100 research in any category grants Doctor Octopus 16% of his maximum power instantly.

    Green Goblin: Each Madness and Cunning charge increases Green Goblin’s offensive power gain by 5%.

    Superior Race (Ultron) (Magneto) Unique

    Lizard: Gain 2 14 second Fury passives at the start of the fight against non-robotic opponents.

    Ultron: +50% Buff potency and +500% Bleed damage against non-robotic opponents.

    Magneto: +300% special damage against non-mutants.

    Nemesis (Spider-Man (Classic))

    Lizard: +5% Attack

    Spider-Man: +50% Attack while hitting Weakened opponents.
    Sig Ability: Lizard Formula lv 99

    Originally designed to regenerate Dr. Connor’s missing arm, the Lizard Formula allows the Lizard to recover from even the most gruesome injuries.


    - Whenever a Fury passive’s duration would expire, 90%** chance to gain a Regeneration passive, recovering up to 964 health over 5 seconds based on stored power.

    **depends on sig levels

    Reptilian Biology - Passive

    - An enhanced immune system provides full immunity to all know poisons of the Battlerealm.
    - The Lizard’s tough, scaly hide provides +70% Bleed resistance and +30% Physical Resistance.
    - Coldsnap debuffs reduce the Lizard’s health gain rate by 100%.

    Bestial Fury - Passive

    - When attacked, 50% chance to gain a Fury passive increasing Attack by 234 for 7 seconds. +50% chance on well-timed blocks.
    - Landing a critical hit or inflicting a Bleed has a 60% chance to grant a Fury passive.
    - When struck by a critical hit, 70% chance to consume all Fury passives and passively regenerate 30% of the damage taken over 5 seconds per Fury consumed.
    - The Lizard’s enhanced immune system allows him to gain a Fury passive whenever he would be Poisoned.

    Medium Attacks

    - 30% chance to inflict Bleed, dealing 1075 direct damage over 6 seconds.

    Heavy Attacks

    - A powerful tail swipe has a 100% chance to inflict Armor Break, reducing enemy armor by 40% for 5 seconds, +.5 seconds for each Fury passive.

    Special 1

    The Lizard overwhelms the opponent with his massive size, strength and speed.

    - If the Lizard has at least 3 Fury passives, then this attack is Unblockable.
    - 70% chance to inflict Stun for 2 seconds.

    Special 2

    The Lizard tears into the opponent, unleashing his animalistic nature.

    - Each hit has both a +25% Critical Damage and a 15% chance to inflict Bleed for each Fury passive on Lizard.
    - Any Fury passives gained through this attack also Panic the opponent while they are active, making them 70% more likely to activate a special attack.

    Dev note: This attack should have a bunch of hits like Carnage’s sp1.

    Special 3

    The Lizard clobbers the opponent, grabs them with his powerful mouth and launches them at the wall.

    - Gain 5 permanent Fury passives.
    - Consume all other Fury passives to inflict Exhaustion, reducing Critical Damage and power gain rate by 10% per Fury consumed for 20 seconds.

    Dev note: The big damage from the special 3 should come from the bite animation.
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 79

  • FighterDebashisFighterDebashis Posts: 32
    Can Sandman be introduced in mcoc?
  • FighterDebashisFighterDebashis Posts: 32

  • One and only that cross my mind. I wish for Scarlet Spider.
  • Ali92Ali92 Posts: 5

  • If it hasn't been posted or already i'd love to see Thor: Infinity War in the game. So we get to use a Thor wielding Stormbreaker
  • RyanwhalesRyanwhales Posts: 60
    Ik this could be a reskin or somethin, But i wanna see antivenom added. He was one of my favorite characters due to his unique look.
  • DangusZoneDangusZone Posts: 34
    edited May 2019
    I think a great addition for an upcoming X-men event would be the Blob with maybe a morlock themed event/2nd character.

    I know Blob isn't the most op character ever, but he is definitely a unique persona. He could really have some amazing/fresh abilities in game due to his powers and also make ez lore synergies with current characters. Maybe he could be an answer to unstoppable champs (nothing can move the Blob!) or debuff resists/immunities.

    Or maybe he is the first champ that can't be knocked down (until ko'ed!)? Or be a big, ominous tank who does some kind of reflect damage. His Sp3 could be someone trying to move him and he just squishes or ricochets them or something lol.

    As for the Morlocks, that is a huge lore gem that has yet to be tapped into by MCOC. I was super jazzed when the game dropped Mr. Sinister and think this would make a great way to further progress the mutant story in the game.
  • ButtehrsButtehrs Posts: 1,666 ★★★★★
    I wouldnt mind seeing avalanche either.
  • PastorCoco2PastorCoco2 Posts: 4
    For me I would love to see:
    1) the rest of the Royal Family
    a) Gorgon
    . b) Triton
    . c) Crystal
    2) Brotherhood
    . a)mystique
    . b)blob
    . c) Pyro
    . d) toad
  • AptxAptx Posts: 8
    1. Thor with Stormbreaker
    2. Captain America with Mjolnir
    3. The ancient one
  • Apocalypse189Apocalypse189 Posts: 953 ★★★
    Ok here's a new idea

    Clea, Dormammu's Niece and Lover of Doctor Strange.

    She'd be a awesome addition to the Mystic Category
  • MikePendragonMikePendragon Posts: 73
    Thor: Endgame
    Skill champ (b/c dual wielding Mjolnir & Stormbreaker)
    Immune to Coldnap (beer belly gives him protection like whale blubber)
    SP1: OG Thor's SP2, but with Stormbreaker and Mjolnir
    SP2: High hit count, whirling dervish style attack with Mjolnir and Stormbreaker
    SP3: Go For The Head: He rises into the sky, drawing lightning into his axe and hammer, hurls Stormbreaker into his opponent's chest (it sticks there), then he falls out of the sky, smashing the enemy's head in with Mjolnir. This attack should inflict 3 Shocks and Disoriented.

    Valkyrie - Survivors of Asgard - Health Boost
    Groot - Special Connection - Attack percent boost
    Star-lord - Rivals
    Cap Infinity War - Worthy - Crit bonus and Armor Up
    Robin - Vengeance - grants Thor and Robin a Fury and Cruelty buff every time a bar of power is filled.
    What do you guys think?
  • Arc33333Arc33333 Posts: 2
    Just, please not Fat Thor until there's a meta-relevant studly Thor....
  • Theohan6Theohan6 Posts: 4
    1) mystice, mutant
    2) quicksilver, mutant
    3) Thor storm breaker, cosmic skill
    4) nova, cosmic
    5) shang-chi, skill mystic
    6) Mysterio, mystic
    7) Jessica Jones
    8) black cat, skill
    9) prowler, skill tech
    10) Hawkeye (Kate bishop), skill
    11) sandman, mystic science
    12) Wong, mystic
    13) Peppa Pots, tech
    14) namor, mystic science
    15) Warpath, mutant
    16) Valkyrie, cosmic skill
    17) yon-rogg, cosmic
  • NewDawnDebNewDawnDeb Posts: 79


    .Kurse was from a race called the Dark Elves and he is considered to be the most powerful of them all. Originally known as Algrim the Strong, after being mystically augmented by the Beyonder, his strength was quadrupled in comparison to Thor's later on making him one of the God of Thunders mightiest foes.

    *Class- Cosmic

    *#Offensive: Raw Damage #Villain #Dark Elf #Size: XL

    .Critical Rating - 18.8%
    .Critical Damage Rating - 266.6%
    .Armor Penetration - 0.0%
    .Block Penetration - 0.0%
    .Critical Resistance - 0.0%
    .Armor Rating - 21.1%
    .Block Proficiency - 77.7%

    *Dark Elf Physiology- Passive

    1. Being a Dark Elf Kurse has 65% increased Energy Resistance.

    2. Dark Elf physiology grants Kurse immunity to all known poisons within the Battlerealm.

    3. Kurse can withstand incredibly cold temperatures, providing him Immunity to Cold Damage like Coldsnap and Frostbite.

    *Psionic Tracking- Passive

    .Kurse possessed an unusual ability that enabled him to mentally sense and track an individual, even if that individual was thousands of miles away.

    . To begin a Psionic Track, Dodge back and hold Block for 3 seconds. While Tracking, he gains True Accuracy for 15 seconds, allowing him to ignore Auto Block and all Evade effects.

    *On landing hits- Kurse gains 33% more power than a usual champion.

    *On receiving hits- Kurse gains 17% more power than a usual champion.

    *On well-timed blocks- 100% chance to inflict Weakness, reducing the target's Attack by 25 % for 6 seconds. (Maximum up to 2 stacks).

    *Dash Attacks-
    1. Kurse becomes Unstoppable when Dashing towards his opponent.

    2. Impacts from Kurse's Dash Attacks have a chance to be Unblockable. This chance decreases the bigger the opponent is.

    *Heavy Attacks- The sheer force of Heavy Attacks has a 40% chance to break the opponent's Armor and apply 60 % Armor reduction for 10 seconds.

    *When draining a bar of power- 50% chance to gain a Fury Buff, increasing Attack by 75% for 10 seconds.

    *Special Attack 1-
    .This attack inflicts Bleed, dealing 60% of your attack as Direct Damage over 7 seconds.

    *Special Attack 2-
    .This attack Heal Blocks the enemy, for 7 seconds.
    .75% chance to inflicts Stun for 2 seconds.

    *Special Attack 3-
    1.This attack has a 100% Critical Hit chance.
    2.100% chance to inflicts Stun for 3 seconds.

    *Signature Ability- Armor

    .Due to the Beyonder's augmentation, Kurse's armor was a living part of him, growing organically, and helped contribute to his already staggering durability.

    *Living Armor- Grants him an 85% chance to Shrug off any Debuff.

    *When Attacked and All Attacks-

    .Gains Augment Charge.

    .Maximum 4 charges at a time.

    .When below 50% health, Augment Charges are converted into Regeneration Buffs one at a time, Regenerating 5% health per second.

    .Each charge passively increases Attack by 40% and Physical Resist by 20%

  • SirOreoBarSirOreoBar Posts: 39
    The Lizard (Science):

    Genetically Modified:
    Every hit the Lizard takes, block or not, has a 10% chance of adding a armor up. If the enemy parries the Lizard counterattacks, giving a stun to the opponent, and two furies to the Lizard.

    Sharp Claws:
    Every critical attack places a bleed on the opponent, which become permanent if the opponent evades.

    Awakened Ability:
    Perfect Chemistry:
    The Lizard can sometimes shrug off debuffs and apply them to the enemy.

    Sinister Six:
    Electro, Doctor Octopus, Vulture
    Lizard: Each bleed on the opponent gives an additional 2% chance of fury for ever hit.

    Genetic Modification:
    Spider-Man, Venom, Carnage
    Lizard: Having more bleed on the opponent gives more crit rating, and placing bleed give short precision buffs.
  • joke1004joke1004 Posts: 206 ★★
    Odin (Mystic)

    Signature Ability:
    King of the nine realms

    - Odinsleep duration is reduced by 20 seconds.
    - After waking up from Odinsleep:

    * regenerate 20% of max. health
    * gain 120 Odinforce
    * Gain + 20% attack for the rest of the fight

    Passive: Odinforce

    Persistent charge: Odinforce persists through fights

    Start of the fight: gain 20 Odinforce

    - Medium attacks: Gungnir hits
    - Light attacks: Gain Odinforce

    Gungnir Attacks:

    Gungnir Attacks are improved by growing Odinforce.
    For every Odinforce active, gain:

    + {1} % Attack
    + {1} % Critical Rating
    + {1} % Critical damage rating

    20+ : nullify one Buff from opponent
    30+ : place 1 Stagger on opponent
    40+ : additional {1} % energy damage for every Odinforce active
    60+ : drain {5} % of opponent’s power
    80+ : life steal {1} % of damage dealt
    100+ : unblockable

    If Odinforce is active, Odin gets:
    + {10} % attack
    + {10} % Critical Rating
    + {..} block proficiency
    + {..} physical and energy resistance
    + {..} armor

    Every time Odin is struck, {5}Odinforce are consumed
    Every time Odin blocks an attack, {2} Odinforce are consumed


    If Odinforce is reset to 0, Odin enters Odinsleep for 40 seconds. During Odinsleep Odin can’t get any more Odinforce.

    Entering Odinsleep, Odin gets:

    - {20}% Attack
    - {10}% Critical rating
    - {..} block proficiency
    - {..} physical and energy resistance
    - {..} armor

    After waking up, gain 80 Odinforce

    Special attack 1:
    3 Odinforce blasts with Gungnir dealing massive Energy damage

    - Each hit nullifies one Buff from the opponent
    - Consumes {5} Odinforce

    Special attack 2:
    4 Odinforce loaded hits with Gungnir

    - Each hit dealing + {2} % Energy damage for each Odinforce active
    - Every hit steals {7} % of the opponent’s power
    - Inflicts Armor break for {12} seconds reducing armor rating by {2000}
    - Consumes {20} Odinforce

    Special Attack 3:
    Devastating Odinforce Blast

    - Deal + {5}% Energy damage for each Odinforce active.
    - Inflicts Power lock for 15 seconds.
    - Nullifies all of the opponent’s buffs, dealing + {10}% Energy damage for every buff nullified
    - Consumes {30} Odinforce


    Father and Son
    Thor, Thor (Raganrok)

    Odin: All Special attacks inflict 4 shock debuffs, each dealing 20% of damage dealt over 10 seconds

    Thor, Thor Ragnarok: + 1 % energy damage for each hit on the combo meter (max. 100 hits)

    Asgardian Royal Family:
    + 15 % Attack
    If Odin, Thor and Hela are on the team



    Odin: 1 Passive Fury for each Odinforce active.
    Each Fury providing + 0,5 % attack

    Hela: Soul charges expire 50% slower

    Asgardian Royal Family:
    + 15 % Attack
    If Odin, Thor and Hela are on the team

    Mystic shenanigans


    Odin: Reduce Odinsleep duration by 10 seconds.
    Special attack 1 each hit steals 1 buff from the opponent instead of nullifying it.

    Special attack 1 deals additional 10% Energy damage for each buff stolen from the opponent
    + 10 % Attack
  • MedinaKhanMedinaKhan Posts: 180
    Lady Deathstrike and Bullseye next please
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