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It’s the only quest left for me to explore in 6.2 and everytime I try taking a path I either die on the boss or one of the previous opponents and I have to use revives because of the stupid strength in number node so I start the path all over again my questions are:
1-Should I just play normally and use a team revive when I reach the boss?
2-is there any specific champion or synergy that shines in this quest?


  • Blubfish_666Blubfish_666 Posts: 237
    You got a void?
  • Mhd20034Mhd20034 Posts: 159

    You got a void?

    Only a 6 star unawakened one
    Void616 said:

    Any champ really works up the boss, so as long as you remember to count the combos. For Mordo, I specifically used Blade with GR,made sure everyone was alive and spammed parries and crits. If I died, Id go straight to reviving just Blade and went at it again.

    So is it better to build my team around one champion or bring diffrent options?
  • Mhd20034Mhd20034 Posts: 159
    @Haji_Saab how did you deal with the gated paths I see a lot of problem fights on each path?
  • KelvinKageKelvinKage Posts: 372 ★★★
    It depends on your roster OP, but generally speaking, it’s best to use a team revive and then keep using the same champ, whoever happens to be most effective for you atleast until you get the boss down enough to where you think the rest of your team can finish him off even with the AAR from the node. Personally, I used ghost and she worked like a charm.
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