What about reimbursements for poor game play?

Previously you paid us for poor game performance with nice reimbursements lately all form of the game have gone to for a better word doodoo. Players being wiped out in quest and war due to game not allowing them to move or block or counter effectively, and when we report the issue your staff tells us our game needs to be reinstalled' even if we explained that's all ready been done. So again when do we get to feel that we're actually appreciated for our undying dedication to the game? I have almost 3 years of game play and my entire alliance is getting wiped out on what was once and easy experience. Having to use multiple revives on regular paths and mini bosses. I've never had my team complain so much and am losing players not to new alliances but because they just got tired of the constant glitches. So again when do we get to feel appreciated again?


  • DaMunkDaMunk Posts: 1,819 ★★★★
    We won't. Their support sucks. Every day that goes by I get more bitter. They don't even acknowledge the bugs anymore. Usually we get we'll look into it. I've stepped down a tier in alliances...probably a precursor to me quitting.
  • Myxkidz77Myxkidz77 Posts: 74
    And again I just lost a 90 streak because if you don't hold close to middle of screen on certain fights you can't block its getting tiresome... reimburse us with 3 alliance quest 3 crystals and ten arena boost crystals.. garbage.
  • 0pTimus0pTimus Posts: 113
    Seriously? You guys really want More 3* Arena boost crystals?
  • Myxkidz77Myxkidz77 Posts: 74
    No I don't want quest 3 crystals and arena boosts they are garbage. How is that compensation? Seriously
  • Uncle_Fatty_247Uncle_Fatty_247 Posts: 153
    Compensation hasn't been the same since Netmarble officially took over.

    Besides the v12 fiasco which is a once in a lifetime type case, we've rarely had any "sorry that my Contest has not been performing up to its lofty standards" in-game mail or whatever that message used to say.

    Like Optimus said, all we've gotten really is arena boost crystals; no thanks, I have thousands that I haven't opened yet.
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